We offer Matterport Digital Twins for your project

Access an accurate cloud duplicate of your space from anywhere in the world.

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Did You Arrive Here From a Portal?

That's because that project doesn't have a MATTERPORT Digital Twin available. Find out what they look like here.

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Why have a digital twin for your space?

This unique technology allows us to be in a building, anywhere, any time without actually being there. Easily view on your desktop, laptop, pad or smart phone.

A MATTERPORT digital twin is a cost effective way to document your buildings in a way that can’t be done with plans, photos or even video. Why travel to multiple locations when you can see everything online. Save your business time, and people power from wasted trips. Tag equipment and utilities for instant information. Share your twin with others with a single click. Make your daily life just a bit easier.

Digital twins come standard with our Survey Genius package


For lease Exhibits orInsurance Claims
  • Images and Video
  • Dimensioned Floor Plans (PDF)


Our most Practical Survey Covering All the Basics
  • Images and Video
  • Dimensioned Floor Plans (PDF & CAD)
  • Utility Analysis: Water, Sewer, Gas, Electrical, and Fire
  • Accessibility Analysis


A Complete Picture of Your Property
  • Images and Video
  • Dimensioned Floor Plans (PDF & CAD)
  • Utility Analysis: Water, Sewer, Gas, Electrical, and Fire
  • Accessibility Analysis
  • GAP Analysis
  • MATTERPORT Digital Twin

Industry-Specific Solutions for the Built Environment


Collect and store vital information on all your district campuses and support facilities. Secure campus-specific access and safe document protection for each school.


Documentation gathered, tagged and easily retrievable for all restaurant and hotel brand portfolios. Keep track of essential equipment and renovation upgrade data.

Commercial Retail

Made for property managers with shopping center portfolios. Document and store all relevant data for tenants and spaces for lease. Never lose plans again.


Whether you own just a few or hundreds of stores. Easily recall the information you need to know on any of your locations. The information you need is just a few clicks away.


Our goal is to provide quick and easy access to all the underlying information and data that developers, designers, contractors and property managers need to make their projects successful.

From due diligence to facilities management, all the known records of a single property are kept and maintained in a single place.

Build a historical record and maintain the current status of any project.

Over 35 Years' Experience in the Design and Construction Industry

Supporting Businesses and Institutions Nation-Wide

For Industries and Institutions Large and Small

Additional IMHOTEP Solutions for the Built Environment

All our products at Imhotep are developed from our 35 years of experience as architects working on projects throughout the United States.

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