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Forging a path to faster and easier commercial building permits

Get Building Permits Approved Fast

After 35 years in the business, we understand the challenges you face trying to get building permits approved. It can be time-consuming and costly.

If this sounds like you, IMHOTEP can help!  Avoid the crowds and endless red tape with PERMIT powered by IMHOTEP. 

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Why Are Permits So Hard To Get?

Permitting is a process that falls right in the middle of the Design and Construction process. And where it falls is directly into the hands of the the governing authority responsible for overseeing public safety. Permitting is a necessary yet complicated part of the process that architects and contractors have limited control over. Knowing how cities work can greatly reduce the time it takes to get a permit. Let us help you and your design team select the permitting process that’s right for you.

  • Standard Permitting with PERMIT
  • Targeted Permitting with PERMIT +
  • Self Certification with PERMIT GENIUS


Targeted Permitting uses knowledge of how a city completes the review process, and is a proactive method for staying ahead of the curve.


Self-Certification is a limited but growing concept where architects act as the permit reviewer, making permits available in just days.

Find Essential Building Permit Requirements
For 2,500 Cities Across The USA

CITYLINKS is a free service that organizes the essential building permit requirements of cities across the United States and presents them to you in an easy-to-understand format, providing faster and easier access to the information you need.

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Additional IMHOTEP Solutions for the Built Environment

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Never Lose Another Document

Digital asset management is the future of information storage for the built environment.

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Industry-Specific Solutions By IMHOTEP


Collect and store vital information on all your district campuses and support facilities. Secure campus-specific access and safe document protection for each school.


Documentation gathered, tagged and easily retrievable for all restaurant and hotel brand portfolios. Keep track of essential equipment and renovation upgrade data.

Commercial Retail

Made for property managers with shopping center portfolios. Document and store all relevant data for tenants and spaces for lease. Never lose plans again.


Whether you own just a few or hundreds of stores. Easily recall the information you need to know on any of your locations. The information you need is just a few clicks away.

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