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Let Us Organize It All For You

Whether your district has two schools or one hundred two, keeping track of it all can be tiresome and cumbersome. Do you have rolls of old plans in a musty basement, or tons of CDs but no CD reader? How about the plans that just walk away on their own, never to return. We put an end to all of that with Imhotep Cloud’s Historical Record. Indexed by campus, organized by date, curated for easy viewing, retrieval and downloading.¬†

Security is a must

Facility managers have full control over who can see, use or download documents. Control individual campuses for plant managers, group access for vendors and all-access for district officials.

Customized for your team

A single click will get you to every building on your campus and every campus in your district. Built for ease of use and built for the information important to the way your team likes to work.

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Manage your time, don't waste it!

Facility asset management is the future of information storage and retrieval for the built environment. Let us show you why.

Make Your Data Your Best Employee

Precious time can be lost locating crucial information. When things don’t go as planned, facility managers can know the Current Status of any school component with just a few clicks. Highly intuitive and interactive. Field repairs require less time. React to emergency situations much faster. Keep track of products, materials and vendors for construction, maintenance and repairs of any school.

Make Data Smart with Current Status

Creating a Historical Record with your existing plans and documents is just the beginning. Turning your data from Static to Smart through our Current Status program is a game changer, putting existing conditions at your fingertips from anywhere.

Other Industries That Count On Us To Organize Their Properties


Documentation gathered, tagged and easily retrievable for all restaurant and hotel brand portfolios. Keep track of essential equipment and renovation upgrade data.


Made for property managers with retail or office portfolios. Document and store all relevant data for tenants and spaces for lease. Never lose a set of plans again.


Whether you own just a few or hundreds of stores. Easily recall the information you need to know on any of your locations. The information you need is just a few clicks away.

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