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Navigate the Complexity of Finding Commercial Building Permit Requirements with Ease

We understand the challenges faced when researching the building, planning and zoning processes of different municipalities. It can be time-consuming and frustrating. 

If this sounds like you, IMHOTEP can help!  Don’t waste your time clicking through countless city web pages looking for the data you need. Use CITYLINKS, powered by IMHOTEP. It’s fast, easy, consistent and FREE! 

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Want us to add your city?  Submit this form and we’ll move it to the top of the list for you. Our goal is to represent every city over 10,000, but we’ll add one early if you ask.

Find Essential Building Permit and Zoning Requirements
For Cities, Townships and Counties Across The US

CITYLINKS is a free service that organizes the essential building, planning and zoning requirements of cities across the United States and presents them to you in an easy-to-understand format, providing faster and easier access to the information you need.

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As-built surveys for commercial properties. Customized for your program’s needs or use our standard surveys built for everyone.

Building permitting assistance coast to coast. Planning, structural, health, MEP, fire and more. We serve every jurisdiction in the United States.

Our Facilities Records Management Services keeps track of your entire portfolio in the cloud. Simple and quick retrieval of any aspects of your building portfolio.

Planning, building and health department information for over 4,800 cities & counties and townships in an easy to use format. Building codes and zoning ordinances too. 

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