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Searching and Managing Building Data with Ease

Where does all the information go?

A lack of timely information can be a drag on progress. Whether you are a property manager, facilities director, developer or architect, you need access to data on all of your projects at any given time. All of our products at IMHOTEP are developed from our 35 years of experience as architects asking the same questions you are.

We have developed products to help you obtain relevant information – from building department requirements, as-built data gathering, to targeted building permits and facilities records management for all of your projects.


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As-built surveys for commercial properties. Customized for your program’s needs or use our standard surveys built for everyone.

Building permitting assistance coast to coast. Planning, structural, health, MEP, fire and more. We serve every jurisdiction in the United States.

Our Facilities Records Management Service keeps track of your entire portfolio in the cloud. Simple and quick retrieval of any aspects of your building portfolio.

Planning, building and health department information for over 4,800 cities & counties and townships in an easy to use format. Building codes and zoning ordinances too. 

Never Lose Another Document

Facility Records Management Service (FRMS) is the future of information storage for the built environment.

Industries We Support

Lack of important data on a building structure or a lease space is frustrating when you are ready to buy, rent, design, maintain, upgrade or sell property. 

Whether you are an owner, developer, general contractor, facilities or property manager, franchisee, or architect needing information discovery or data storage, IMHOTEP can customize a program tailored to the way you need to collect and store relevant data across your entire portfolio of buildings. 


Collect and store vital information on all your district campuses and support facilities. Secure campus-specific access and safe document protection for each school.


Documentation gathered, tagged and easily retrievable for all restaurant and hotel brand portfolios. Keep track of essential equipment and renovation upgrade data.


Made for property managers with retail or office portfolios. Document and store all relevant data for tenants and spaces for lease. Never lose a set of plans again.


Whether you own just a few or hundreds of stores. Easily recall the information you need to know on any of your locations. The information you need is just a few clicks away.

We Also Help You Find Missing Documents

  • We search for free
  • Plans, reports, surveys and more
  • 3 day turnaround
  • Nominal fee for what we find


Our goal is to provide quick and easy access to all the underlying information and data that developers, designers, contractors and property managers need to make their projects successful.

From due diligence to facilities management, all the known records of a single property are kept and maintained in a single place.

Build a historical record and maintain the current status of any project.

Over 35 Years' Experience in the Design and Construction Industry

Supporting Individuals, Businesses and Institutions Nation-Wide

Built For Property Owners and Managers, Brokers, Architects, Engineers and Contractors

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